Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Origami Frog

Today is a rare day indeed. Leap Year Day! I wonder what it would be like to have been born on this day? I would only be 10 years old instead of 41!..... Well, I don't know if I would want to be 10 again, but the thought is interesting.

While you are having your Leap Year Day party with all those wonderful cupcakes you made, why not whip up some of these awesome origami frogs and have frog races with them!

Here are a few places you can go for instructions on making origami frogs. I picked a few because each one is a little different, and some are easier than others. The first one, above, is found on Origami Instructions and I like it cause it looks most like a frog.

This is more of the traditional style jumping frog, and is much easier to make. We made these guys in school all of the time and played around with them. Not as "frog like" but easier for little ones to make. For instructions on this visit Frogs On Ice.

The next few images do not come with instructions, but I am just sharing them because - holy cow! - origami amazingness! It's incredible what someone can do with a piece of paper!! 

Enjoy and have a hopping great day ;o)

found on Origami Gallery
Robert Lang - Origamist

Designed by Satoshi Kamiya

 designed by Brian Chan

picture taken from Origami Instructions

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