Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Man Cave: Top 10 Most Frightening Kid's Movies

When I was 8 my grandpa gave me a rubber zombie mask for Halloween. I put it on and my baby sister immediately began to cry. I tried to help her understand that it was just mask, but she only became more and more terrified. To my surprise I didn't get in trouble for making her cry. In fact, the adults in the room thought is was cute and funny. It was then that I realized the terrible, awesome power of Halloween.

Making kids cry is horrible. On the other hand, if you make kids cry with a product that was made for's funny. What a fantastic life lesson.

In that spirit I give you my list of the 10 scariest kids movies ever made:

10. Dark Crystal - Gnarly, evil-looking Skeksis, plus a woman that pops her eyeballs out to look around.

9. Fantasia - The "Night on Bald Mountain" sequence includes ghosts, demons, imps, and the devil. And nipples.

8. The Secret of Nimh - A scary owl with glowing eyes, perched atop the bones of its prey. Perfect.

7. The Nightmare Before Christmas - A creepy character that intentionally dismembers and reassembles herself.

6. Corpse Bride - Usually the word "corpse" in the title of a kids movie is a dead giveaway. As the only director with two movies on this list, Tim Burton has made a career of making children cry.

5. Winne the Pooh: The Blustery Day - Huffalumps and woozels...the ultimate acid-trip/ freak out.

4. Goonies - Dead bodies in a freezer. It's all in good fun.

3. Monster House - A man eating house...but at least it's a girl house. Cool.

2. Roger Rabbit -The bad guy gets flattened by a steamroller, then gets up and walks around like pancake, then his eyeballs fall out...all while shrieking in a crazy, high-pitched voice.

1. Watership Down - Freaked out, wild-eyed rabbit fights. Awesome.

*photo by World of Oddy

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  1. My all-time, favorite kid's Halloween movie is "Watcher in the Woods" A Disney moview with the great Bette Davis - it doesn't get better.