Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Man Cave: Han Solo Costume

Last week I talked about making a laser gun for less than $10, while Kathy created the rest of the Han Solo costume. I finished my part, and now Kathy has finished hers. That can only mean one thing.

That's's time for the big reveal.

This costume turned out so great that I walked around the house in it for half an hour. Then I went out and checked the mail in it. I got ogled by all the neighbors. They were totally jealous.

I am so cool.


  1. You crack me up:) I do have to say that is a pretty freakin' awesome costume! I can totally see you walkin' around your house pretending to be Hans. I think that Kathy should have been your Chubaka.

  2. It's "Han", not "Hans". He is not Scandinavian, nor does he wear lederhosen.

    You also misspelled Chewbacca.

    Seriously Amy, your Star Wars knowledge is lacking. Next time have Scott proofread your comments, OK?

  3. now you two, don't make me come back there!!