Guest Writers

Julie Cheney, author of "Adoption Option". My amazing Sister-In-Law writing occasionally about her experiences of not being able to have children and the journey of adoption.

She now has two beautiful daughters that keep her busy. She writes when she can but spends most of her time being a good wife and mom. Posts about being the mom of younger children will pop up now and again too.

MJ Smout - my mother-in-law: another amazing woman in my life! Suddenly becoming single at the age of 38, with 6 children at home, she went back to school to get a job and finished raising those 6 kids all by herself.

Being a single parent is something I just cannot relate to, because I have a very supportive husband; but you never know what can happen in your life. MJ will periodically write about her experiences in the life of single parenthood.... and whatever else comes to her mind. 

We have a new author on Family Strong. Amy, my little sister and best friend will be sharing ideas with us from time to time.

"I am excited that I was invited to write a little bit on this awesome blog!  I am Amy, Aaron’s (author of The Man Cave) little sister and  Kathy is my sister-in-law/BF.  She has been around since I was so little that I don’t really remember a time without her. 

Aaron and Kathy’s kids are older now and all grown up but I am in the thick of child raising right now so Kathy asked me to put my two cents in."