Sunday, March 6, 2011

3 Rules We Use To Make Uno More Exciting!

Uno is probably the game that we play the most here in the Cheney home. It's fun, fast and easy. Plus, it's extremely portable so it's perfect for taking on vacations and camping trips.

Don't be fooled by it's simplicity though. We have incorporated a few rules over the years that make this game cut throat and exciting. Be careful, or you will be drawing 20 cards in this house: we play "Speed Uno"

What You Need

Uno Cards..... um, that's it. We usually play with 2-3 decks though, depending on how many people are playing. The more people, the more fun!

How to Play

Deal our 10 cards to each player
Put the rest of the cards in the center of the table for your "draw pile"
Flip over the top card
Now, play how you would play regular Uno, but with these alterations:

1. Speeding. If you have the exact card that was just played (same number, came color) you may play it at any time: even if it is not your turn. Play now continues from where the last person just played, everyone else in between is skipped. Speeding reverses can sometimes be confusing: just count how many you have to figure out which direction you are going.

2. Pile on. If someone plays a red draw two, because of rule number one you can play a red draw two as well if you have one. The next person will then have to draw four. This can pile on for as long as people can continue to play red draw twos (remember the color has to match too, you cannot play a blue draw two on a red draw two). This also goes for draw four wilds as well. Be careful with this rule however, it can come back to bite you in the butt. If you have a couple draw twos or draw fours, keep the last one until you are pretty sure the mayhem is over to make sure you play yours last - thus passing the drawing onto the next person. It is very common for someone to draw 20+ cards with this rule.

3. Zero's and Seven's. So, you just drew 20 cards? Don't despair, all is not lost. This is where this little beauty of a rule comes in. Any time a zero is played ALL hands rotate the direction the play is going. If two zeros are played, because of speeding, then rotate two hands and so forth. If you play a seven, then you get to trade hands with anyone you want in the circle. Of course, if you are not fast enough, someone can speed your seven and then they will get the opportunity to trade instead of you.

Playing with these three added rules makes the game so much more fun. You now do not have to sit around staring at the ceiling waiting for your turn to come around. You must always be vigilant and paying attention to what is being played and what is in your hand. Give it a try and I promise you will never go back.


  1. I am so glad you posted the "Cheney" rules! I love playing speed Uno at your house!

  2. The Kmagnet family voted down your rules ... trying to convince them it is worth it.

  3. This helped a lot �� uno out -__-