Friday, April 22, 2011

5 Things To Do To Celebrate Earth Day

Even though Earth day was established clear back in 1970, it went global in 1990 and has become a household phrase. Today events are organized throughout all of our schools and communities to promote the cause. It is a great opportunity for us to teach our kids to care for the earth we live on and how to be environmentally sound. Take a moment today to do something with your kids. Here are a few quick, easy and fun ideas.

1. Clean up the yard. Slough off the winter coat on your yard. It's getting to be that time of year to clean up and get ready for nicer weather ahead. Even the smallest of children can help rake, pick up tree debris and weed.

2. Plant a tree or shrub. What is better for our environment that trees? Find a lonely corner in your yard that is just begging for a tree and plant one together. It's fun to watch it grow over the years from a tiny sapling into a full tree.

2. Plant some flowers. If a tree is just to daunting, or you don't have a space for it, flowers are always great. Nurseries and home improvement stores are bursting with colorful foliage. For me, it's almost impossible to resist. Pick up a few flowers today and plant them in your yard.

3. Go on a clean up walk. There is always litter around the neighborhood. People throwing things out the car windows, garbage men not being careful when they pick up your trash.... go on a walk as a family and take a grocery sack with you. See who can fill up their sack the fullest with trash that's around the neighborhood. Making it a game always makes it more fun.

4. Prep a garden spot. Do you have a garden each year. Now would be a great time to get the ground ready for planting. Never had one? Try finding a small space in your yard that gets decent sunshine and plant just a few simple things. You can even work your edibles into your landscaping if you don't have much space: tomatoes, peppers and eggplant are not only yummy but are beautiful as well. Plant them among your flowers. No yard? No problem. Get a few pots and plant a couple small things in a pot garden. Even a pot herb garden is worth the time.

5. Make a pet rock boarder. After all your days hard work, have a little fun! Working in the yard all day is bound to turn up a handful of unwanted rocks. Make them useful by spending the rest of the afternoon creating some fun pet rocks. Use these rocks to decorate your landscaping you just worked so hard on all day. They look awesome in flowerbeds, gardens and walkways. As a matter of fact, I have a decorating stone in my flowerbed that Jessi made me 5 or 6  years ago. Still have it and still love it.

What am I doing today? Probably all of the above.

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