Wednesday, April 20, 2011

5 Tips For An Exciting Easter Egg Hunt: For All Ages

Now that you have your eggs all colored in psychedelic ways, lets talk about the hunt. No Easter would be complete without an egg hunt and this can be made fun for all ages. Here are a few ideas to make your Easter egg hunt extra fun this year, for all involved. Let's fill those babies with more than just candy.

1. Puzzle Pieces. Buy a fun puzzle and hide the pieces in your eggs. After all of the eggs have been found, everyone can work on putting the puzzle together throughout the rest of the day.

2. Egg Scavenger Hunt. If you are one to do Easter baskets, make it more fun for everyone this year. Instead of putting out the baskets for easy viewing, put a single egg out for each person with a clue in it. Said clue should direct them to the next egg, with their next clue in it, of course eventually leading to their grand prize, their Easter basket.

3. Scrambled Clues. If you happened to buy someone an extra special gift this year, don't just give it to them right out of the gate: make them work for it. Spell out what you got them in big letters, and cut each letter out individually. Place each letter in it's own egg and hide those around for the hunt. They will not only have to find each letter, but unscramble the word as well to find out what they got.

4. The Golden Ticket. In one or two of the eggs (depending on how many people are participating in your hunt) place a "golden ticket". The one eggs that will get you the grand prize. Whoever finds that egg gets whatever you have on display for the winner. It can be whatever suits your fancy and goes with the guest list and age of participants:

Large solid chocolate Easter bunny
Movie tickets with a dinner certificate
A bottle of wine with fancy chocolates
For kids - an awesome toy
DVD or itunes certificate

5. Money. My favorite! Have each person chip in some money, if you're like me and are not privileged enough to have one of those cool money trees in the back yard. (where do you find those anyway?). For adults put a dollar in each egg, a five dollar bill in a handful, a ten dollar bill in a few, and a twenty dollar bill in one. (Kids you can go for the quarters and dollars, with a five dollar bill in one) Let the fun begin. You will be amazed at how competitive Uncle John can get when he knows there is a twenty out there somewhere. All of those adults will suddenly turn five years old again.

As you can see, Easter egg hunts are not just for the kiddies! If you have a mixed company of young and old, make sure to hold two separate egg hunts. Either keep the fields separate, or have them at different times. You don't want uncle John bowling over little Billy to get to the eggs first. Most importantly, HAVE FUN!


  1. I especially like the money idea!

  2. We hold an adult easter egg hunt each year in my family. My parents put tons of money in the eggs along with some candy and car wash tokens (My dad owns a car wash) Yes, we all turn five years old again and it is an awesome event that we look forward to each year. My dad hides the eggs really well and then we all basically beat eachother up to get to them. There's fights on the hay stack, fights on the grass and fights inside trucks, horsetrailer and on the tractor. Even though it sometimes causes me physical pain, I don't know if there's a time I laugh harder all year (except when I spend the weekend with Ginger). We usually end up with about 50 to 100 dollars each. I have been gearing up to get into top mental condition for this Sunday afternoon. It won't be the same with Patrick on his mission, but Glen and Weldon will probably make up for it. And I sent Patrick an easter basket with money filled eggs so he won't feel completely left out thanks to your great easter basket gift idea!

  3. I am lucky enough to take part in this Easter egg hunt with Julie and I too have been gearing up mentally for it. One year all I got was car wash tokens and let me tell you, it makes you more determined for the next year. And it is true, there is physical pain, especially when climbing up the haystack with Glen and Patrick behind you trying to pull you down!! But it is so worth it. Feeling 5 years old again for even a brief egg hunt is well worth it. The family time and great food just tops the cake especially on a nice spring day.