Friday, April 8, 2011

Pass The Pigs

When our kids were little, this was one of our favorite games. We have played it on family nights, camping trips and in hotels on road trips. It's simplicity made it possible for everyone to play and have a great time. Even if your kids are too small to ad up their own points, they will have fun chucking the pigs across the table. We used to make bumpers on our table with our arms for Jessica, when it was her turn. It's cheap, easy and extremely portable. Perfect.

The rules are simple. Each pig has a black dot on one of it's sides. On your turn you roll the pigs like you would dice. Depending on how the pigs land, you get a certain amount of points. Example:

Two black dots up or two blank sides up = 1 point
If a pig lands on it's back or feet = 5 points
If a pig lands on it's nose = 10 points.....

and so on.

You can roll as many times as you want, stopping when you feel your luck may be running out. Each roll accumulates in points until you decided to stop. Once you stop, that is how many points you get for that round. Here's the catch:

If you have your pigs land one black dot up and one blank side up that is called a "Pig Out" and means your turn is over and you don't get any points for that round. If you roll and your pigs are touching in any way at all that is called an "Oinker" and you loose all of your points thus far in the game and go back to zero. The first person to 100 points wins.

It really is a game to see how far you can push your luck and how much chance you are willing to take. Many times you can totally nickle and dime yourself to the winners circle; I have on two occasions however, seen someone in a last desperate ditch to win continue to roll from the single digits and win. It's all just a crap shoot and how you decide to play.

A perfect game for all ages!

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  1. Fun game! I remember the "arm bumpers" for Jessi...she sure loved to chuck them pigs!