Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Star Wars Day

May the fourth be with you...... Ya, I know, geeky - but so our family! We are proud to admit that we have several Star Wars geeks in our house: the biggest of them all being my son Jeff. You can see how big a geek in this picture taken almost 6 years ago, on his 16th birthday. And, don't be mistaken - even though he is almost 22 years old, he would still take a picture like this today. So, when I found out about National Star Wars Day, I just knew that warranted a party! Here's what we are doing tonight.

Two years ago, for Christmas, we got Jeff the "Star Wars Cookbook". I saw it in a novelty gift shop and couldn't resist: too perfect! I think it's time to dust off that cover, crack it open and make a few recipes.

The recipe says to squeeze your own lime juice and add sugar and sparkling water. Um..... isn't that what Sprite is for? I'm going to just buy some Sprite, mix in a little bit of green food coloring to give it a great Yoda color, and dump in some lime sherbet.

Take a favorite - hamburgers - had a twist to the name - "Han-Burgers" - and it's an instant hit. So, Han-Burgers it is. We actually have a sunny day today, and this year in Seattle that's saying a lot, so I think we will grill our Han-Burgers tonight!

This recipe I am actually the most excited about, because it is the most creative and fun. It also looks simple, which earns brownie points in my book!
From the book:

4 pre-cooked sausages or hotdogs
1 pkg. refrigerator bread sticks

1. preheat oven to 350 degrees

2. Cut sausage/hot dog in half crosswise

3. Open the package of bread sticks and separate the lengths of dough

4. Cut the lengths in half and set aside. You should have 16 lengths of dough

5. Place one sausage half, cut-side down, on a bakcing sheet

6. Take 1 length of dough and wrap it around the base of the sausge half. Cross the ends and let them fall on the baking sheet in the form of the letter V. Using another length of dough, wrap the same sausage in the opposite direction. Cross the ends and let them fall in the form of an upside-down V. Repeat with remaining dough and sausage/hot dog halves.

7. Bake according to bread stick directions.

I think I will do some sort of treat to go along with the Star Wars madness, but I don't quite have that figured out yet. I will definately take pictures though, and update this post in a day or two, so check back!

I ended up not making a dessert. The Yoda Soda ended up being enough of a treat for all of us. We did, however go for a walk and stopped at the neighborhood grade school so Jeff and his girlfriend Shanon could have a light saber fight - see told you, nerds: but they are my nerds!

If you are interested in "The Star Wars Cook Book" you can find it on Amazon Here: Cookbook

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