Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Neighborhood Bike Parade

We did this somewhat often, when our kids were little, at our 4th of July parties. All you need is a bunch of crepe paper and a little bit of tape and you have hours of entertainment.

Provide each child with one roll each of red, white and blue crepe paper and one roll of tape. Have them spend time decorating up their bikes however they want. 

There were years where we also threw in some other cool patriotic flare - pinwheels in the handlebars, flags on the back of the seats, and decorated helmets all add to the fun and spirit of the event. Get creative and let the kids go crazy.

At a designated time, have all kids meet at the end of the street for their parade. If you live on a busy street you may need to have your parade in the back yard, but it is more fun if the kids can ride slowly down the street, past each house with clapping parents and neighbors, showcasing their creations.
A fun time for all!

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