Friday, July 8, 2011

July Holiday's

With vacation, 4th and July, and trying to catch up from said vacation and holiday I am just not on my game. I realized I forgot to post July's holidays so here ya go, some fun and unusual things for you to celebrate the rest of the month.

10 - Pina Colada Day - Try this recipe if you don't already have one (just leave the rum out for a family friendly version)

10 - Teddy Bear's Picnic Day - Take your pina Colada and your teddy bears and head to the park!

15 - National Gummy Worm Day - Not a fan, but most kids are. Head to the candy store and pick out a bag of the chewy candy and go for a walk munching on your treasure.

16 - National Hot Dog Day - Time to fire up the barbbie; or head to Costco for their amazing and cheap hot dogs

17 - National Ice Cream Day - Yumm..... Ice Cream. Dust off the ol' ice cream maker, my favorite. Now's a good time to try my cake batter ice cream

24 - Mormon Pioneer Day - this is a pretty big holiday for these guys, paying tribute to their heritage

24 - Cousins Day - Give um' a call or text. It's time to strengthen family ties.

25 - Carousel or merry-go-round day - Even the adults can ride to celebrate. Our local farmers market area puts up a Carousel every year and it's really fun. Get in touch with your inner child and go ride a Merry-go-round!

28 - National Chili Dog Day - Keep the dogs coming this month.

29 - Lasagna Day - I'm seeing a trend here: we are all going to get fat from all the food holidays this month

30 - Cheesecake Day - might as well top the whole month off with a fatty piece of cheese cake ;o)

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