Monday, August 22, 2011

Go To The Drive-Ins

Remember the days of yester-year, when you would get on your jammies, pile the back seat of the station wagon with pillows and blankets, cram a bag full of popcorn, Jr. Mints and Woppers and head off to the dive in? Create those memories today with your kids.

There aren't many of these iconic, after dark hangouts left, but they are out there. It's something so different than anything most kids do these days they will find it fun just for the novelty of it. And, how cool that they get to watch two movies, stay up way past midnight and cram their faces full of all the sugary foods all kids love to eat.

Make it extra fun by heading out early and going to the grocery store to shop for your outing. Let each person pick out their snack and drink of choice to share with the rest of the family.

Make sure to have everyone in either their pajamas or comfy sleeping attire so that you can just crash in bed the second you get home - most even before that. Don't forget lots of pillows and blankets to make a little movie watching nest to be comfy in all night long as well.

Head out and have fun! 

picture taken by scottamus 

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