Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Schedule Time Together

Aaron and I took off last weekend together.... alone. I bought a Groupon voucher months ago for a buy one, get one night free, to a neighboring city and we finally used it. It was so nice to be away from everything: kids, phones, work, house chores - just out with only the two of us. 

Whether it's a weekend or an hour, scheduling time for each other is really important.

You don't have to go away for the weekend like Aaron and I did, sometimes that just isn't realistic. Whether it's trying to find the money, or the extra time, it can be difficult: however, with that said, you can find a little nook and cranny in your time to do things together.

Life gets in the way too many times! If you let it, it will totally take over and you will never have time for each other. Hopping out for an hour to grab some dinner, going for a walk hand in hand, or scheduling an intimate evening after the kids go to bed are all realistic things you can put into your day.
Putting things like these on the schedule shows your spouse that they are important enough to you to make time for them. Plus, as an added bonus, you have the anticipation of the pre-scheduled event all day and it makes it even more fun when the time finally arrives.

Make sure to schedule time together. It's one of the most important things you can do for your marriage and your sanity.

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