Friday, October 28, 2011

Pumpkin Patch and Corn Mazes!

You don't have to have kiddos around yet/any more to enjoy all that a pumpkin patch has to offer. Sunshine, a holiday atmosphere and thousands of pumpkins to pick from was all I needed to head out. Why would you go to the boring ol' grocery store to dig through a box when you can have the entire field to pick from?!

This was how Aaron and I spent last Monday afternoon, along with our oldest (so see, I guess I did have one of my kids with me ;o) and my mom.  I just LOVE going to the pumpkin patch! I found quite a few little gems, and will be anxiously awaiting the arrival of Jess coming home from college for the weekend, to carve those little guys into fun little creations.

The great thing about the pumpkin patch is there is almost a ton of things to do, and there is a pumpkin patch in every city ever established. Many of them come accompanied with a corn maze and lots of activities to add to the fun. Jess and Alex have been going to the pumpkin patch and corn mazes together for three years now: it was their very first date together, so now has become an expected anniversary activity. Even being at college they were able to find one in the town there and go.

Next time, don't get your pumpkins at the boring ol' grocery store! Head out and make a day of it at your local patch.

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  1. We go to one every year and I think the adults have more fun than the kids!