Friday, November 4, 2011

The Man Cave: Fun Fridays

Now that my kids are grown and out doing their own things most of the time, I miss the days when we used to hang out. So many fun little moments happen when you spend unstructured play time with people. Since that time doesn't happen so much with them any more I've taken to sending out "Fun Friday" emails to everyone in my family.

A Fun Friday email is usually just a link to some simple, amusing tidbit I've run across that week on the interwebs. It's just a way I've found to share a fun moment with my family when I can't physically be with them. For example, this week's Fun Friday was this:

Google "do a barrel roll". Try it. (Leave out the quotation marks.)

A few weeks ago it was this interactive Scale of the Universe video, which is AMAZING.

Whatever it is, I always keep it short, and I always keep it fun.

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