Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Just Be Together

A lot of people look at dating as some big, planned event that usually involves a lot of time and money. Geeze, just going to the movie and dinner requires a small loan to pay for it these days! Really, though, the most important ingredient in going on a date is just being together. It doesn't matter what you do as long as you spending time as a couple.

We were actually blessed with a-maz-ing weather this weekend. Aaron and I decided it was the perfect setting for a date, but we certainly didn't want to be inside... and we just spent part of Jess's college tuition getting some work done on my car so we were feeling a little poor. What to do? 

Bike ride!

Free, extra exercise and out in the sunshine: it was a win-win date in my opinion. The best part? We just took a couple hours out of our busy schedules to be together. Nothing else got in our way and we had a great time.

That is what it's all about my friends. Time is the best thing you can put into your relationship. 

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