Friday, April 26, 2013

Cupboard Door Art Desk

I saw this idea on Facebook the other day and LOVED it! I wanted to share right away, if for no other reason than I want to make this for my grand kids.... some day, when I have them. I think I may do taller legs however, so that they can pull up little chairs and draw away. You can get so creative with this project!

The inventors of this amazing little project, along with the tutorial on how to make it, can be found at 

Anything that I can do to inspire a child to use their brains and imaginations and I am all over it: I was always the Aunt that bought science kits and art supplies for Christmas and Birthdays. I am not saying there isn't a time and place for video games and TV, but it should be a limited time and most of the time should be spend exploring creativity. My kids and I spend many an hour in the middle of the bedroom floors playing make believe, or up at the kitchen counter with a box full of "stuff" seeing what sort of amazing things we could create.

I am seeing this little project in my future - near or far one cannot tell.... my son is getting married this summer ;o) - but my future it will be in. LOL!!! I just sounded like Yoda just then. SO FUNNY!

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