Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May Holidays

Wow - two for the price of one today: Aren't you just the lucky duck. I did realize, however, that it is May 1st, and I just have to get up this months WACKY HOLIDAYS. Any excuse I have to party and I am all over that! So, why not turn a boring, ordinary day into a fun and exciting one by celebrating something unusual? Here are your fun excuses to party for May.

1 - May Day - great excuse to go buy some flowers!

3 - No Pants Day - I am not responsible for the outcome of anything resulting from a party you decide to throw for this one!

4 - Kentucky Durby

4 - Intergalactic Star Wars Day

5 - Cinco de Mayo

6 - No Diet Day

7 - National Teachers Day

8 - No Socks Day

11 - National Miniature Golf Day


15 - National Chocolate Chip Day

17 - NASCAR Day

17 - National Bike To Work Day

17 - National Pizza Party Day (good thing we all rode our bikes to work ;o)

18 - I Love Reeses Day

18 - International Museum Day

23 - National Taffy Day

25 - Cookie Monster's Birthday

25 - International Jazz Day

27 - Memorial Day (observed)


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