Monday, September 8, 2014

Take A One Day Road Trip

Yesterday was a sunny Sunday with nothing on the books. We decided it was the perfect day to grab our son and his wife and head out for a little day trip. We packed the car with road snacks and headed out for an adventure and had a GREAT time! Taking a road trip in the area you live in could just be the ticket your family needs for a day of fun together.

There are usually a lot of places near your home that are too close to plan a vacation to, but too far away to do in just a couple of hours. This is where taking the entire day to do a mini-road trip comes in.

We started our day out at 9:00 a.m. and our first stop was a pancake house for breakfast: you have to have a nice full tummy to feel relaxed for the morning drive! We had a destination in mind, but decided to take our time getting there and making plenty of stops along the way to just see what sights were out there. It's always amazing to me the awesome things you come upon.

In stopping at a grocery store for a potty break and peaches we saw this amazing little van. The artwork and texture detail on it were incredible. Someone definitely spent a lot of time and love on this project.

In our days adventure we ended up taking a ferry, exploring an old WWI army base, climbing a lighthouse, watching sea lions play in the water and eating gigantic ice cream cones. The best part was spending time together, building our relationships, and having a little one day vacation.

Next time a day is coming up in your calendar with nothing on it, keep it that way. Load up the family in the car, go to the store and let each person pick their favorite car snack and beverage, and hit the road. You can cover a lot of ground in ten hours, and the amount of things you can see, and experiences you can have are well worth ever minute.

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