Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Halloween Cupcakes!

I love cupcakes. There's something magical about a little cake in a paper cup that is so perfect. They are super fun to decorate, easy to serve and just the perfect amount of indulgence. You can grab one know you aren't going to eat too big of a piece because it comes in a pre-packaged serving size. I made a batch of cupcakes and had some fun with frosting and accessories. I was so excited about how well they turned out I had to share. Here's how to make your own batch of Halloween fun.
For this bloodied knife cupcake you will have to buy Wilton's Knife Decoration. They are super easy to find anywhere Wilton's are sold, but if you can't find them here is a link: KNIFE ROYAL ICING DECORATION.
The rest is easy. Frost with white frosting, add a dollop of raspberry jam, and insert knife. Gory and delicious!
The brains were extra easy. I filled a bag with the white frosting I already had, used a large round piping decorating tip, and started in the bottom center of my cupcake. Drawing a line straight up, you then go to the right and squiggle your way down to the bottom, making sure to cover each part of the cupcake. Repeat on the other side - yum, brains.
Continuing to use your white frosting, just switch your tip out. I used the basket weave tip for this guy. After frosting your cupcake white, use this tip to pipe on mummy wraps, leaving a space for the eyes. Place two candied eyes in the space left open. These eyes are easy to find as well, but here is a link, just in case: CANDY EYEBALLS
This guy I used a kit on, for the legs, but since you already have your eyeballs from your mummy, you could just use black licorice for the legs and that would look awesome. If you do want the kit for the legs I used, you can find it here: SPOOKTACULAR SPIDER CUPCAKE KIT. I colored my frosting with a back paste coloring and piped the hairy body with a star tip.

Still getting your moneys worth out of those eyeballs you bought, here is another fun idea. Color your frosting orange (I like to use frosting paste coloring, as the colors are way more intense this way). Using a star tip, pipe stars all around the entire cupcake to cover it. Use your eyeballs to put on a face, then candy corns for a spiked back. Too fun of a monster!

And, speaking of monsters, this guys is super easy, but very impressive. Cut the corner off of a large marshmallow, and glue it onto your cupcake with a little frosting. Now, using a grass decorating tip, pipe on your monsters "hair". Using a dollop of white frosting, glue one of your eyeballs onto the flat side of the marshmallow that you have left exposed. One eyed green guy!

This should just be a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Have some fun, and make some impressions. I can guarantee if you have these guys on your table everyone will think you are amazing.

Happy Halloween!!

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