Friday, October 3, 2014

Meet Clyde

Clyde is our newest addition this year. A life size (well, life size to me any way) skeleton that is fully pose-able. A friend of mine picked him up at Costco for me and we have been enjoying dinner with him for the last couple of weeks. When I first got him my daughter Jess got up to go to work and he startled her - funny! Good job Clyde!! You have done what you were created to do - to put fear in the hearts of others. The series of events that followed that morning are even better. Wait till you see what Clyde has been up to! I promise it will make you laugh and want to get your own life-size pose-able skeleton.

The following morning, after her little mini attack, Jess decided she needed to give her dad a scare. She moved Clyde over to his chair and rotated his head so he was staring right at the fridge - the fist place Aaron goes in the morning for his breakfast. Quite a site to feel like you are being watched, only to find out you are!

A few days later Jess came home from work and went in to change her clothes. She was greeted with this:

But, the best one so far is what Jess came up with. We laughed for quite some time from this one. Here is what Aaron came home to just yesterday:

Those two crack me up! There aren't many places in a house you can hide a life size skeleton, but I'm sure they are going to find them all. The ball is in Aaron's court now, and I know his next move, he is just buying his time..... but it's going to be awesome.

I am super excited to see what sort of things Clyde is going to be up to in the next few weeks. Who'd have thought a simple Halloween decoration would bring so many giggles and maliciousness into a home.

Thanks Clyde!

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