Friday, February 20, 2015

5 Things That Are Great About Being An Empty Nester

Empty nest syndrome. I've heard the tale, and seen mothers go through it many times. They just can't seem to let go of the kids, and lose direction in their lives once they have all moved out. I have worried about how I would react once my kids left. I put everything I had into raising those munchkins - would I rattle around the halls like a ghost lost forever to life? Well, I'm pleased to say that I am loving where I am in life right now! Here are my top 5 things I love about being an empty nester.

1. I CAN FINALLY BE MY KIDS' FRIEND. I can't tell you how many times I had to say, "I am not here to be your friend, I am here to be your mother". It was never a popular position to be in, and many times I felt my kids would rather kick me off a cliff than be in the same room with me. I had to make the difficult decisions, inflict discipline where needed, and be the party pooper in more situations than I liked. But now...... they are both someone else's worry. They have their own partners they have to answer to, and it's finally not me. We get to go hiking, on Sunday drives, and host family dinners: we can sit around and play games, laugh and have a good time. I can finally relax and just enjoy my kids for the amazing adults they have turned out to be. I get to be their friend.

2. EVERYTHING COSTS HALF. We have gone from feeding and paying for four people to two. All of the sudden, the vacations we thought were never possible seem more within our reach. Energy and water bills have dropped. Food - don't even get me started on the grocery bill. The purse strings are just a little more relaxed these days.

3. MY HOUSE IS ALWAYS CLEAN. I can't even begin to tell you have much less time I spend doing housework. I can get an entire weeks worth of laundry done in two loads - yes, I said two, and we are super active people that exercise every day. The kitchen doesn't have a continual flow of dishes in the sink, the toilets in the two guest bathrooms are always clean, and there isn't a flow of stuff coming out of the back bedrooms like a tidal wave waiting to overtake me. It's amazing how much more relaxed you are when your house is clean. And, the most amazing thing of all? When I put something away, it actually stays there until I need it again. My things have stopped disappearing into the depths of disarray never to be found again.

4. I HAVE TIME FOR MYSELF. To do whatever I want. I have taken on a few new hobbies. I have started sewing, working on advancing my fitness career by taking more classes and have even started writing a cookbook. I finally have time to pursue my own interests.

5. ANY TIME, ANY WHERE. Nuff said on that.

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