Monday, February 29, 2016

March Holidays

Well, here's a regular post I haven't done in quite a while.... and for that I deeply apologize. We need every excuse we can get our hands on to have little mini-parties all of the time!! I really need to be better about inviting friends over for silly holiday parties, especially now that my kids are gone and not here to celebrate with me any more. I am going to pick one of these this month and have a gathering! I will report on what I decide to do. In the mean time, pick one of your own and have your own unusual party.

1 - National Peanut Lovers Day

2 - Dr. Seuss Day

3 - World Book Day

5-6 - National Maple Syrup Days

6 - Oreo Cookie Day

9 - Barbie Day

11 - Johnny Appleseed Day

12 - Genealogy Day

13 - Daylight Savings Time Begins

13 - Donald Duck Day

14 - Pi Day

17 - St. Patrick's Day

20 - Spring (Vernal Equinox)

23 - National Tamale Day

26 - Make Up Your Own Holiday Day

27 - Easter


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