Saturday, January 15, 2011

Couples Massage

Since we are coming up on Valentines Day I will start this blog off with a Valentines theme. I am always looking for great date ideas that are inexpensive. This date was a highly successful one for Aaron and I that we have done several times.

Head off to your library and peruse the massage books. There are many books specifically designed for couples massage and they are usually the best. Find one with lots of pictures and simple instructions so it will be easy to follow.

Next go to the drug store, bath and body works, or intimate store if you are feeling exceptionally bold, and get some good massage oil or lotion. I have to say that this is a key component. Regular lotion just doesn't work very well because it will soak into the skin too fast and you spend too much time going back for more. There are some amazing smelling lotions, and others that are really good at warming the muscles as well. Find something that both of you like.

Now the amazing part. Go home and give each other massages. Make sure you are in a comfortable area with low light. Lots of candles are great, and if you have a fire place even better. Make sure the area is also quiet and warm. It is the most relaxing, romantic, bonding two hours ever.

Massage book = Free From the Library
Massage lotion/oil = $10 - $20 dollars (but will last many massage dates ;o)
Massage and time with spouse = priceless!!

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