Sunday, April 10, 2011

Easter Basket Gift Idea

My mother-in-law just retired. After years of raising children and working for the man, she finally was able to hang up her hat and earn the right to start a new chapter in her life. With her retirement she has decided to really start anew by moving to a different state. That cannot go unnoticed, so I had a party for her last night. I had to share what we did for her gift as it turned out perfect.

We have told mom that she cannot take any of her dilapidated furniture with her to her brand new house that Weldon (her youngest son) has built for her - she has earned the right to have nice, new furniture. We told each guest that was coming that we were going to be having a cash collection for her to help her pay for said furniture. I wanted a fun, and frankly personal, way each person could give her a small donation.

I thought of a money tree, but that sounded like a lot of work. Plus, with a money tree, your gift is kind of on display... a little awkward if you cannot give as much as Joe just did. As I mentioned last week, I love Easter Baskets. Since Easter is right around the corner baskets are in abundance right now, along with all of the super fun plastic eggs. Then the great idea was born.

I bought a basket, a couple packages of fun plastic eggs and a retirement mug. I also made some small stationary that I just printed out the day of the party. As each guest arrived we had them write a small, personal note to Joyce; they then folded up their note, along with any donation they might like to make, and put it inside one of the plastic eggs. All eggs were collected and put inside her Easter basket.

As she was ready to go home, I presented her with her basket of love. She got to go home and tenderly open each egg from all of her friends and read a personal note to her from them. She will have the cash to buy her new furniture, but she will always have her tokens of love in the notes that each one took the time to write.

This would work so well for anyone having a birthday, anniversary, retirement, engagement, baby shower.... you name it. A fun, and personal little gift for any type of celebration around Easter time.


  1. That is so awesome! I LOVE it! And I'm sure she really did. I would've never thought of having a retirement party in a million years. You are so creative. And, I am stealing you easter basket idea. I never thought of making baskets and giving them away. That's going to be so fun!

  2. It is way fun. Jess and I will be probably doing our annual Easter baskets this week - Jade would have a lot of fun with it too. Plus, it's something that you just never outgrow, so you could start the tradition with her now, and still be doing it 10 - 15 years from now. I'll post what we do this year I'm sure ;o)