Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I Love Easter Baskets!!

East is around the corner, and that means Easter baskets! As far as I am concerned, you are never too old for Easter baskets. I like to have a girls day with Jess, and maybe a friend or two, and make baskets for our friends. We enjoy making them, and our friends love receiving them.

 Sugar cookies are my all time worst temptation, so those of course have to go into our baskets. There is also something so nostalgic and kid like just sitting around coloring eggs. We have so much fun with it and really get creative with some of our ideas. While the eggs are drying, and the cookies are cooling, it's off to the store for other little treats to go into our baskets.

One of my favorite things to put into an Easter basket is potted flowers. I love Spring for the variety of garden flowers that are out, and I am a huge succor for them - and they look awesome and cheerful next to the decorated eggs and sugar cookies! We also find all sorts of fun candies, toys and gadgets to put in there as well, depending on who we are giving each basket to.

Home again to decorate the cookies and assemble the baskets. Then we load them all into the car, hop in, and go out to deliver Easter basket cheer.

It really is a fun day from beginning to end. Can't wait to find a day to assemble them this year!

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