Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Family Is Such An Evolutionary Word

Family. I think this word means something a little different to each one of us. The thing about the word family, in my book, is it is ever changing. Family doesn't mean the same to me now as it did back then, when this picture was taken. My mom and dad and baby sister - that's all there was to family. Maybe throw in a grandparent once or twice a year with a little sprinkling of an aunt, uncle or cousin and that was about it. As I get older, and watch my family change, my idea of family changes with it.

In 1985 I met Aaron, what a cute little family. (Aaron is the oldest in the back right). After 4 years of dating, my family more than doubled. All of the sudden, instead of having just one sister I now had 4 sisters and two brothers. I can honestly say that over all of these years, they really are just as close to me as if they were my real brothers and sisters. Most of them were so small when Aaron and I met, that they might as well be. I love them all dearly and Aaron's mom has been in my life almost as long as my own; it's been amazing having two mothers to help me through life!

Now for one of the biggest changes of all - kids. After a few years of marriage, my family still continued grow with the addition of two beautiful children. This, of course, brought on a whole new dimension to life. A lot of growing and learning has been done over the past 21 years. Not only have I had children, but all of my siblings have gotten married and have had children as well, expanding exponentially the circle I call family.

A long with additions to our family, we have had some important people leave us as well. This is the picture of our first Christmas without my dad. He died in a car accident in 2001, and our family was suddenly and dramatically changed. With time, our family healed as best we could, and continued to grow.

And grow we have done. I, of course, am in the front of this little family photo - the smallest of the bunch. Every single one of the kids in my family have outgrown me. The only hope I have at the moment are the nieces and nephews on Aaron's side, but I know I will eventually be the smallest again..... until grand kids.

That will be the stage of life I anticipate being the funnest. I am looking forward to it greatly (but am in not hurry to get there any  time soon ;o). As my kids date, and get serious about those they date, it is fun to watch them grow into adults that will soon start their own journeys down the evolutionary family world.... and at the same time continue to change mine ever more.

I love family! It is one of the best words in the English dictionary.


  1. I love, love, love this post. I have been thinking a lot about this lately as well. I don't know why but I have just been thinking how when I was my kids age and someone asked who my family was it didn't include any of the people that I would talk about first now. I also think that I am having a hard time seeing all the transitions of my nieces and nephews turn into adults. Why should that be hard? I don't even seem them very often even if I think about them all the time. You know me though, I over think everything and have never loved change. I think it will help when I get to meet all these wonderful people in their lives instead of just hearing about them! I am sure when I get to your stage I am going to have some serious empty nest syndrome goin' on! Watch out 'cause you will probably be the one I call and freak out too:)

  2. that's what I'm here for ;o)