Friday, April 15, 2011

Origami Easter Bunny

This cute little bunny is easy to make and will keep the kids busy for a few minutes at least. Jess and I are gearing up to make our yearly Easter baskets this afternoon. She is going to put invitations to a "Girls Day" party in hers, and we are going to use these little guys for the invitations. 

Following are the step by step directions:

1. Cut a piece of paper into a 3x5 rectangle. Place your paper in front of you in portrait orientation.

2. Take the top right corner and fold it down until the top edge of the paper meets the left side of the paper. Unfold and repeat with the left side. You should now have an X in the middle top of your paper.

3. Fold your paper down the middle of the X you just made. Open back up again.

4. Collapse the paper on the pre-made creases. 

5. Fold the outer corners of the front triangle to the top of the triangle.

6. Fold both sides to the middle.

7. Fold the bottom edge to the top point of your triangle.

8. Fold the top edge of the front layer to the bottom edge.

9. Turn over and lightly pull down the legs and feet. You now have an origami frog.

10. Tape on bunny ears and use a marker to draw on a nose and eyes. Google eyes would be cute too if you have them, and string or super thin pipe cleaners for whiskers. Get creative and have fun!

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