Friday, April 29, 2011

Picture Magnet

I got this little gift for Mother's Day, from Jessica, 10 years ago when she was in the second grade. There are two things amazing about that sentence. First -  Jessica was in the second grade 10 YEARS AGO! Second - I still have something she made me in second grade, on display, out of a box. It's so easy, and stands the test of time, making it the perfect Mother's Day present!


Frozen Juice Lid
Magnet Tape


Cut out, or print, your picture to the size of the juice can lid. Okay, tricky part, glue it onto the side of the lid with the lip, so that it's inside said lip. Whew, I knew that was a little hard. Now just stick some of your magnet tape on the back. Whala - done. 

Such an easy project it can be completed by any kid old enough to hold glue, and what mom couldn't use some more magnets to adorn her fridge? I love mine almost more now than I did back then because it reminds me of my little Jessi. I smile just about every time I look at it (which is a lot - I mean it is on the fridge after all ;o)

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  1. Awwwww....

    Amazing how valuable such simple little things can become.