Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Go Fly A Kite!

No, Aaron doesn't see an alien space craft in the sky, he is just flying a kite. This picture pretty much sums up my husband..... but seriously, flying kites can actually be a lot of fun. It takes you back to being a kid: obviously it did for Aaron;  gives you a chance to slow down: though not the way we fly kites; and gets you outside enjoying the day: of course living in Seattle that can be hit and miss. Here are two ideas that can make kit flying extra fun.

1. Make your own. If you have crafty kids, making their own kits makes flying a kite into a whole experience, from start to finish. It is really easy to do, using simple supplies. Here are a few places to go to get you started:
 2. Have a contest. This is one of our favorites, and it will even give you a little workout in the process. If you pull a bunch of slack in your line while running toward your kite, it will fall to the ground because of the lost tension. We have contests to see who can get their kite to touch the ground and back up into the air first. If you have a lot of room, as we did since we were flying at the beach, see who can keep their kite hovering over the ground the longest before it touches. You could also see who can get their kite launched and the highest first.

Just get outside and have some fun. Make the in between weather change fun. this is the perfect time of year to be out flying a kite.

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