Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Photo Scavenger Hunt

This activity is so versatile its perfect for a lot of different situations. Usually we do this on what we have pegged a "Blate" - a blogging date that we do with our siblings that don't live in the area. We all do the date on the same night, doing the same activity, and then blog our results since we live in different states and can't do it together. As long as you have teams though, you can do it with anyone.... Families, couples, friends: it's perfect.

First you have to break up into teams. This can be couples, if you are going on a date, families, or just break your own family into groups (boys vs. girls is always fun ;o)

Each team will get a list they have to go out and take pictures of. Have a time limit and a place to meet back up at when you are done. See how many of the things on the list  you can go out, find and photograph before the time limit is over. (Since we usually do this on our "Blate" we don't have a time limit.)

Just act like a kid again and have fun! It's amazing how silly you can get on this date and how much you don't care that you are being looked at by a 5 year old because you are hula-hooping in the middle of Toys-R-Us (Yes, that is what I did for my H letter on my A-Z Scavenger Hunt Date)

Here are the two kinds of lists we have done in the past. Give them a try, I promise you will have a blast!

1. A-Z Scavenger Hunt. It's just that simple. Everyone has to find something that goes with each letter of the alphabet. I think when we did it we made it a little more difficult in that you had to actually be doing something with each of those letters. In the picture above we were doing the letter L - Light Sabre Fight.

a few of our others:

 S - Snacking
 W - Washing Hands

 Z - Zipping Zipper

 R - Renting Red Box

2. Interpretation Pictures. Each team came up with 5 things we were suppose to go out and take pictures of, totaling 20 items. We wanted these things to be something that could be interpreted in several different ways, for example some of the things we had were:

 Something with a horn


 A stack of 10 items

 A picture of the two of you wearing something that doesn't belong to you

*** Update: here is another idea that we did, check it out - Colors


  1. These can be a hoot...especially when the grocery store clerk starts giving you the stink-eye for rearranging his tuna cans in stacks of ten, or taking photos all over his store.

    FUN. :o)

  2. I think this would be so much fun to do with you & Aaron, Jeff & I and Jess & Alex!

  3. Shanon, let's do it! Julie, all of you guys will have to do it with us again too. We'll have to plan another blate! I was thinking about it just the other day (obviously, since I just posted about it ;o). I will get it planned for the next couple of week for sure.