Sunday, June 5, 2011

Gone Fishin'

Fishing is a great summer activity with the kids. It's outside, away from video games and TV, gives them time with the family, and teaches them where the food they eat really comes from (hint: it's not the grocery store).

Jess has started fishing, and she loves it. Yesterday she caught a few trout and learned to to gut them. Today we spent the morning de-boning, filleting, and marinating them. We will be grilling them up this afternoon, so from start to finish she has provided part of our dinner for us tonight. 

It gives a kid pride to know that they went out and caught the evenings' dinner. It also puts things into perspective for them. All that food you eat doesn't just come from the grocery store: it really was once a living thing. For us at least, it really makes it important not to waste. We are not tree-huggin' hippies by any means, but when you are intimately involved with your food you are less likely to waste it and throw it away.

Make sure to check your local fishing regulations before going. Even different lakes will have different rules for fishing in them, so make sure you are respecting and obeying all of the rules.
Now, get out there, enjoy nature, and go catch your dinner!

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