Monday, June 6, 2011

Grab Your Pic-A-Nic Basket!

Yogi had it right - picnics are the best. There is just something about taking your food outside that makes it taste so much better. Going on picnics is one of our favorite things to do in the summer time. We just had two this weekend - Friday night at the top of a mountain for dinner and Sunday afternoon at a local lake for lunch.

I think that picnics are one of those things that people just don't think that much of. It's almost like you have to have a big event, like 4th of July, to pack up and go on a picnic: but really all you need is a little good weather. We go on picnics for our dinners all of the time during the summer.
Friday night we threw together some hoagie sandwiches, strawberries, carrot sticks and (of course) cookies - tossed them all into our camelbacks and headed to the mountains. We ate our dinner at the top of a mountain, one of our favorite places to be in the whole world. 

Sound a little too ambitious for you? Sunday it did for us too, but we still wanted to be out, so we took the more simple route. Strawberries, grapes and corn chips were thrown in a bag and then off we went to the grocery store. We stopped off at the deli and bought a big bag of chicken strips, stopped off at McDonalds for our $1 sodas and then took off to a local lake. Can't get easier than that!

So, grab the picnic basket, shopping bag - heck, just stop of at Little Caesars if that's your thing - and take it outside. There are amazing parks EVERYWHERE. Go to your favorite, or find a new corner to explore, just take your meals outside: they really do taste better eaten outside.

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