Saturday, July 23, 2011

Bubbles! 10 Homemade Bubble Wands

One of my favorite summer activities is blowing bubbles. It just takes me back to being a kid, is relaxing and looks super cool. The best time for me? Right as the sun is starting to go down, the weather is cooling off a bit, and it is comfortable to sit outside and watch your bubbles float lazily down to the lawn. Here are some fun ways to get creative with bubbles.

Making Bubble Wands

Why use the same old wand? Get creative and have fun with it - here are some ideas of wands you can make with things around the house. It's a great activity to do with bored kids and then you can have fun blowing bubbles when you are done!

1. Paper Clips. Unfold a paper clip (large ones work best) and get out your needle nosed pliers. Make a fun shape and then dip and blow.

2. Fly Swatter. Yup, this handy little tool makes for lots of tiny little bubbles.

3. Hula-Hoop. If you are super skilled, and have a big enough container with your bubbles in it, try your hand at a hula-hoop. It's really cool to see a huge bubble floating in the yard, and the kids will have fun popping them.

4. Paper Plates. Cut a hole in the center of a paper plate, (it needs to be a really thick paper, or Styrofoam) as big or small as you want your bubbles to be. To make a handle try using a dowel or stick for a handle.

5. Mason Jar Lids. Hot glue gun a few canning lids together to form a fun shape: again, you may use a dowel or stick for a handle.

6. Personalized Wands. I found this little crafty idea yesterday. I thought it was awesome! Using wire from the craft store, form a round dipping end and then have each person decorate the handle with beads. Way fun! (Found on Ten Kids and a Dog)

7. Pipe Cleaners. Get the long variety, so you can have enough for a handle too, and get creative with your shapes on the top.

8. Plastic Lids. Cut the center out of a plastic lid - yogurt, sour cream, coffee or shortening lids work great - and hot glue gun or thumbtack a craft stick for a handle.

9. Strawberry Containers. The plastic kinds. These will make a lot of fun, little bubbles.

10. Soda Rings. Using the ring container from a six pack of soda, thread a stick through the center holes. You now have a six hole bubble blower.

Bubbles are cheap, but if you needs lots of bubbles, here is a simple way to make your own.

1 cup dish soap (Dawn works best)
4 cups water
1/4 cup sugar

picture taken by Passive Income Dream

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