Monday, July 11, 2011

College Orientation

Here we go folks. The new chapter in the Cheney home is beginning. I will be gone with Jessica for the next two days for Central Washington's orientation. I am starting to have a few mixed emotions on this whole kids growing up thing.... 
On one hand I will miss Jess fiercely (I mean, watching chick flicks with Aaron really sucks!) but on the other I am really looking forward to having time with just Aaron and I. We had kids so young that we never really had that. 

I think of all the things we can do and see now that everything is going to cost half of what it did when we had to pay for all four of us; I think about all of the time we will have together when we only have to work around two schedules, instead of four; how easy meals will be to prepare when I only have two pallets to please.

I will keep you posted on our families progress on this transition. I'm sure there are many of you who will go through this transition yourselves in the future, and I have always found things easier to learn when you can lean on the experience of others. On the flip side, if there are those of you who have already gone through this, advise welcome! Share your thoughts and experiences on this with me.
I'm off to a two day gala event at the college and will be back on Wednesday. My life will settle down here soon I think.

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