Saturday, July 30, 2011

Kick Bones

Jess wants to take a bunch of games with her to school when she goes: games, movies and a popcorn popper will hopefully help make her one of the social hubs of her floor. We bought her a pack of dice and started learning some dice games. This one is super quick to learn, fun to play and all of the game pieces can fit into your pocket.

What You Need

Two Dice
One poker chip for each person playing (two people works best, but more can play)
Paper and Pencil for keeping score
To "kick" your opponents scores to zero

How To Play
  1. Each player starts with 25 points
  2. Roll the dice to see who goes first - highest roller first and then play proceeds clockwise
  3. The first player rolls both dice. If:
  • you do NOT roll doubles choose one of the dice and add those points to your score and the other dices number gets subtracted from your opponents.
  • you DO roll doubles you have special instructions based on what doubles were rolled

DOUBLE ONES: Take two points off of your score

DOUBLE TWOS: Kick your opponent four points

DOUBLE THREES: Kick your opponent 6 points OR add 6 to yours

DOUBLE FOURS: Kick your opponent 4 OR add 4 to you
                        Roll the dice again. If:

  1. you roll doubles ignore the specials and take the number of one die off of your points.
  2. you DO NOT roll doubles then double the number on each die. Add one of the points to you and kick your opponent for the other.
DOUBLE FIVES: This is where the poker chips come in as "shields.
  1. First, add five points to your score and kick your opponent five
  2. If you have a shield you must return it, if you don't have one now is the time to get it.
  • Use your shield at any time to block your opponent from kicking you or to block a kick bones special that takes points away from you. One you use your shield you must return it.
DOUBLE SIXES: Assign any number to your kick and your points, equaling 12.


Kick 3/ Points 9

Kick 8/ Points 4

Kick 1/ Points 11


  1. The rules, specials sheet, and score sheets can also be found at

  2. yes! Thanks for putting the link on here, I meant to but I guess I missed that. I always try to be so careful in making sure to put credit where credit is due, so thanks for catching my mistake..... doesn't happen often - lol ;o). Great game btw

  3. No worries, and thanks so much for posting about it and playing!

    I had a lot of fun making it :)