Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Unoffical Harry Potter Cook Book

Umm.... Hello! A Harry Potter Cookbook?! That is just too cool for words. Yes, I will admit that I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan. I have been reading these books since day one with my kids and have grown to love Harry, and all of his adventures, immensely over the years. If I wasn't in the process of trying to get rid of cookbooks, I just might have this on my Amazon account right now...... we'll see if I can hold out.

I have not actually held the book in my hands yet, though I am thinking I may end up at Banes and Noble today while I am running errands to check it out. It has gotten amazing reviews however, everywhere I look. The recipes are geared towards children and promise to be easy to make and pleasing to younger pallets.

The book was written by Dinah Bucholz, who is probably a bigger Potter fanatic than I am, and has taken every meal and morsel mentioned in the books and  created a recipe for them. You will find Treacle Pudding, Acid Drops, Cornish Pasties and even Harry's first birthday cake. She mentions on each recipe where it is mentioned in the books and even has fun food facts mixed in amongst the pages.

I'm thinking the coolest thing ever would be to have a Harry Potter DVD release party. Have everyone come over with all their Harry Potter flare, load up the movie with the surround sound, and compete the night with a table full of tasty nibbles directly from the stories.......

I'm gonna do it!

To read more about this amazing little book visit Dinah's Website for the book here:

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