Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Give Me Your Ideas - Your Favorite Way To Keep Cool.

I have been feeling a little down as of late and could use a pick up from all of you. I kid you not, here is what our weather forecast says at this very moment: "82.5. That's the average cloud cover percentage since July 7th -- nearly two weeks of mainly gray...seven of those days had measurable rain and two others had a trace...." Please Help Me!! Here's what you can do.
I am a warm weather creature. I am usually at least 5 degrees colder than everyone else around me and I live for the sunshine. As you can see, sunshine we are lacking. It is really hard to feel inspired to write about great summer ideas when I feel like I am in the middle of fall. I feel like I need to start getting all of my Halloween ideas going.

I have heard that the rest of the country is having a record high summer and I would love to live vicariously through you, if only for a moment. PLEASE send me your ideas on your favorite ways to stay cool in the summer heat. Comment here on the blog, on facebook, or email me. Also, email me pictures of you and your families doing said activities.

If I get enough responses I will dedicate a blog post to this next week - Reader Response: The Top 10 Things Our Readers Do To Stay Cool. I know you can do it! I have at least 150 people that follow this blog, so that will be more than enough of you to give me your great ideas, and it will pick up my spirits a bit.

Usually with something like this you have a prize for the winners. Since I don't really have anything to offer at this point but my thanks, that is what you win: That and bragging rights for being featured here on Family Strong.... yea, I know, it's not a great prize, but it sure would be fun for me to get your ideas!!

I really want to meet all of you, so just pop me a note, tell me your name and where you are from (I may end up on your doorstep if the weather is amazing where you are ;o) and what you do to keep cool in the summer heat. Email pictures to kathy@hairbykathy.com

I am anxiously awaiting the outpouring response I just know I'm going get..... right?! Until then, I'm gonna go get my sweater.

picture taken by stits


  1. GTA, Ontario, Canada. Going to be a high of 113F here for the next couple of days. UGGGG. Basement and A/C are going to be used a lot. Sprinkler in the backyard and local splash pad.

    Hope u get some nicer weather soon! We are on a water ban cause of the heat :( Great Blog! Found by accident this AM.

  2. Welcome aboard Jen! It's not very often that you think about going North for nicer weather, but it sounds like you guys are having scorchers up there. I have to admit though, 113 might be a little too much, but I would take it over what we have now ;o) Stay cool!