Saturday, July 16, 2011

Warrior Dash Is A Must!

K... I'm a runner and love to run, but let me tell you something: this race is for everyone. If you are in enough shape to drag your carcass three miles (walking or running) and strong enough to climb a 15 foot rope wall, you must do this little muddy race. This is what we just spent our morning doing, and we had a blast!

The Warrior Dash is a three mile race with obstacles all along the way: and you will not finish this race clean. You will encounter such obstacles as a 15 foot wall you have to climb (don't worry, there is a rope and footholds); tires to run through and cars to climb over; planks to balance on and fire to jump over: they also force you down in the mud by having to crawl under barbed wire and through a dark muddy tunnel. The finish line is at the end of a HUGE mud pit about 8 inches deep, and barbed wire you have to crawl under, so muddy you will get! - Jess actually lost a shoe in that one.

If you are looking for an adventure to do as a date, or with your family if your kids are old enough, definitely check this out. They run this race is a lot of different states, so hopefully you can find one near you: or just make it a little get away - a get away you can get really dirty on ;o)

Check to see if you have one near you: Warrior Dash

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  1. My Mom just did this a few weeks ago here. The pictures looked pretty awesome.