Tuesday, August 2, 2011

3-2-1-Blast Off!

Remember the days of yester-year, when you were in grade school, and you spent meticulous hours building and decorating your rocket for science class? Then the day came: launch day. The excitement in the classroom that morning was electric and every kid proudly displayed their creations and couldn't wait until their turn, to boldly go where all the kids before them went. Create that excitement in your home by launching your own rockets.

We just did this the other day with Jess and Alex. Alex proudly came over with a rocket he built from a kit: a little $2.00 kit he found at Toys R Us. Yup - $2.00 was all it cost. It was a lot of fun and brought back all those memories of grade school for me.  

Head out to the toy store, or local hobby store and pick up a couple rocket launching kits. They really have come a long way in the last decade or so, and are so much easier to launch and less complicated to build. They have become so inexpensive as well that you can afford to get a rocket for each kid, including yourself!

Get a lot of extras to really  be able to spend time tricking out each rocket. Stickers, paint, markers: heck, even glue and glitter if your little princess so desires. Just let them make it their own. Pick up a few extra launch packs so you can launch each rocket a couple of times a well. Then, head over to the school yard for the launch sequence, and don't forget to count off!


  1. Awesome launch photo!! Perfect timing to catch the fire coming out of the back and everything.

  2. Rocket launch in school? That is awesome. All we ever did was a stupid egg drop. Everyone had to pad there egg and then they got dropped off the roof of the middle school while we all stood below and watched. I guess it was pretty excititng. Of course mine and pretty much everyone elses broke. I guess it was more exciting than the middle school dances were.