Monday, August 1, 2011

August Holidays

The last month of summer. Hopefully everyone has been having a great time with family while the kids are home from school. Here are some ideas to keep you going for the rest of the season until the kids head back to the classrooms.

3 - Watermelon Day: sounds like a good time for seed spitting contests

4 - National Chocolate Chip Day: Make some chocolate chip cookies the night before to keep from warming up your house too much during the day.

7 - Friendship Day: Spend some time to write a letter of appreciation to all those close to you

7 - Sisters Day: include a letter to your sister

8 - Sneak some zucchini onto your neighbors porch night: if you have a garden at all, you will totally understand this holiday ;o)

10 - S'mores Day: I just talked about having a backyard fire pit the other day, now is the excuse you need to use it! No fire pit? Use the microwave or BBQ grill.

11 - International Left Hander's Day: Support your left handed friends, do everything for an hour with your left hand - if you are left handed, score you!

15 - Best Friends Day: Get out there and do something with your best buddy

15 - National Relaxation Day: I'm thinking..... massage with that best buddy. Or, just allow yourself one hour to relax and read a book - whatever it is that you love to do to relax, DO IT

17 - National Thrift Shop Day: I love the thrift stores. You can find some great treasures there. Take a little bit of time to peruse through and see what you can find. One mans junk is another mans treasure.

18 - Cupcake Day - Get creative. Make a batch of cupcakes and then set a bunch of decorating things out. Have a contest for the best decorated cupcake. That should keep the troupes busy for quite a while.

21 - Senior Citizens Day - Take the kids and go visit a senior home. There are always residence that need a visit and they always LOVE the little ones.

24 - National Waffle Day - I know what's for breakfast on this morning!

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