Saturday, August 6, 2011

Drive-Through Hopping

I went out with Jess yesterday, and we did something that was actually much more fun than it sounds. We went Drive Through Hopping.
We wanted to grab something to eat while we were out but we aren't super huge fast food people, and couldn't settle on anything. We wanted our $1 soda from McDonald's for sure (if you know us you know we are diet soda freaks), but we really didn't want McDonald's food. Jess loves Arby's curly fries, but not a roast beef sandwich. What to do?

So, we decided, why not get the best of each place down the strip? We stopped at Arby's and got curly fries, next was Wendy's for their chicken sandwich/nuggets and finally McDonald's for our amazing $1 Large Diet Soda.

The only thing that would make this little trip amazing would have been sunny weather to be able to eat it at a park. Alas, we are in the middle of another cold spell, with drizzly rain, so a park was out. Our last stop was McDonald's, so we just took everything into that restaurant, ordered our soda and sat down to a modge podge meal. It was the most fun I have had eating fast food.

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