Sunday, August 7, 2011

Mini Marshmallow Madness

It's amazing how fun a regular activity can become when you put a simple little twist onto it: like roasting mini marshmallows instead of regular ones.

We were all sitting around the fire last night, roasting got dogs, having a backyard picnic and shooting the breeze. Of course, you can't sit around a fire without pulling out the marshmallows. That's when the laughter started.
Brett, our friend, asked Aaron to toss him the marshmallows. To be funny, Aaron tossed him the bag of mini marshmallows: but he just acted like there wasn't anything wrong with the situation and started putting the marshmallows on his skewer. 

That's when it started. We all sat around roasting mini marshmallows. Eating like a little gerbil though got tiring, so then we pulled out the big guns.

Sometimes it just takes looking outside the box to make an ordinary moment extra fun. Try pulling out the mini marshmallows next time you are our roasting around a fire.

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