Monday, August 29, 2011

Good-Bye Jerry - I Love You!

I will be out this week. My Uncle Jerry passed away last night of cancer and I am flying out this afternoon, with my sister, for California to help my mother with his affairs and bring her home. Death is never an easy thing on a family, but ironically it is one thing that can bring you closer together.

I will be spending the next four days with my sister and mother: it will just be the three of us. We will be combining forces to settle affairs, lovingly pack up Jerry's belongings and reminisce on his life. My sister and I will be the quiet support my mom will need as she morns the death of her brother that she was so close to. 

The fact that we will have four intimate days together will really strengthen our relationship. Sometimes events in our lives are difficult but are there to help you grow as a person. Death is one of those events: it is never easy, no matter how it enters your life. If you always try to look at the growing potential in each experience that comes your way, you will see just how strong death can make a family. Lean on each other and be there for each other and you will feel it's power.

I have a few things to thank my Uncle for. He gave me my love of scary movies by introducing me to my first - Halloween. At the time I did not appreciate it much though, as I lay awake in his house in the middle of the night waiting for Jason to come and strangle me in my bed. He also gave me my love of antique stores. Jerry was a huge lover of antiques and I have several fond memories of sluthing through antique shops with him to see what sort of treasures we could find. Mostly I want to thank him for being such a great brother to my mother. He loved her dearly and she looked up to him as any little sister should. 

The next few days are not going to be easy on my mother, but I am glad that I am able to be with her and help her through it. I know it will strengthen our relationship and make us stronger in the end.

Peace be with you Jerry. You will be missed, and we love you! Until we meet again.

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