Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Show and Tell - Summers Past

I ran across this picture the other day, and since I am in full swing with summer here on Family Strong, I thought I would share it. My little chick-a-dees getting ready for a day at the beach.

That is one thing about living here in the Pacific Northwest: we don't have amazing weather most of the time, we get A LOT of rain and cloud cover and the temperatures don't soar into the high ranges (we have only hit in the eighties about 5 times this summer thus far, with 84 being the highest of those 5) - but because of that water and greenery abound. When we do get sunshine, we have so many lakes and rivers to choose from, within a 10 mile radius, that you could go to a new one each of those 5 days and still have some left if you are lucky enough to get another day.

When my kids were little 80 degrees was the marker: if it was 80 degrees or higher, we could go swimming. They would patiently sit around watching the thermometer each day, and as soon as it hit the near side of the 80 degree mark, they were running to put on their suits. 

They probably would have been just as happy swimming in 70 degree weather, and they would have had many more opportunities if I allowed that, but I am a warm weather creature. 70 degrees is just too cold for me to sit around outside without a light jacket, let alone climbing into the water. Brrrrr! And, since I always played with them, I wasn't about to climb into it unless it was at least 80.

Of course, going to the lake always meant gathering up all the beach toys they could find, because they could sit at that lake for hours. It was usually an all day thing with a packed lunch included: inner-tubes, noodles, goggles, sand buckets, towels, books, picnic basket and beach chairs would cram the back of the car and we would be off. We would barely squeak into the driveway before dad got home from work, kids jumping up and down ready to share their amazing day with him.

I miss those days! The sunshine, being able to just take a day to do nothing but play with the kids at the beach and, the thing I miss this most, is the kids being around to actually spend the day with. My kids are adults now. I am competing with school, jobs, friends, significant others....... it's as it should be. I miss those days, but I love these too.

For now, I guess I'll have to drag Aaron to the beach with me some time. I wonder if he will sport the goggles and swimming tube? But some day, in the not so distant future (say 5-6 years from now), I will have kiddos again to take to the beach.



  1. looking at that picture makes me smile. Your kids haven't changed all that much;)

  2. It made me smile too, that's why I wanted to share it ;o) They will be so happy to hear you think they still look like this - lol! It sometimes seems SO long ago that they were this young! I am almost closer to having grandchildren this age than having my kids this age - scary!