Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sponge Ball

Here is a great way to have fun playing catch and cooling off all in one. I have seen this idea floating around for a few years, but have just never gotten around to making one. Don't ask me why, it's simple and so inexpensive that I really don't have an excuse as to why: you know how it is. But, seriously, next time my niece and nephew are here on a sunny day, we are totally doing them. Get ready Marylinn, cause you're goin' down!!

Get two colors of sponges and cut them lengthwise into four strips. Stack them together, alternating colors. Get a piece of string or dental floss and tie the string together tightly, forming a pompom with your sponge strips.

Make one sponge ball per person and head outside and fill a bucket of water per person: the bucket of water is your ammo. You get just as wet with these as you would water balloons, but they don't break, so you always have something to throw, and there isn't a balloon graveyard to clean up after the fun is done. 

pictures taken by Betz White


  1. Before I read the article, I thought it looked like a cute little dish washing item that could be used as a gift for a bridal shower or a house warming party.

  2. hmm.. funny how you know what you are talking about, because it's coming from your brain - I knew what I was talking about ;o) Guess I better change that stat.... lol