Monday, September 26, 2011

5 Creative Book Covers

It's that time of year again. Text books have been handed out, damage reports have been filled out, and now it's time to cover those babies to keep them from receiving any new damage that you will be responsible for. You could go out and buy some book covers, but why  not take a few bonding moments with your kids to create something fun and personal. I founds some great ideas on the interweb for you.

Get out the paper sacks and glue and have some creative fun!

1. Art Display: I have a family full of artists, so this idea was always the most popular around our house. What better way to display your child's talent than showcasing it every day on their books.

2. Old Decorated Gift Bags: work past the old brown paper bag with something a little more colorful - an awesome gift bag. I really liked this idea!

3. Comics: The cover pictured above was done using comic strips. Kids can find their favorite cartoons online, print out, and decorate.

4. Decoupage Tie-Dye: Groovy! I loved this idea. If I was in school right now, this is totally how my book would look!

5. Fabric Scraps: This idea will take a little more time, but it is SO cute, and is still re-using supplies around the house (well, some houses... I don't think you will be able to find very many fabric scraps in my house). I do love this idea though, and I would be tempted to go out and buy those little quilt square stacks to make this.

Have fun this week getting creative and covering all of those text books! And, if you are like me most of the time, and  just don't have the extra minutes (or hours in some cases) in your day to get this creative: well, there are TONS of amazing book covers in the store. Spend some time with the kidos shopping and letting them pick out something cool.....

Hmm.. sometimes that takes just as long.

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