Monday, October 17, 2011

2011 Costume Contest Winners!

The entrances have been tallied and weighed and we have our winners for the 2011 Halloween Costume Contest.

First Place is Scott and Tyler of Logan, Utah. Little and big Mario - how cool is that. These costumes were hand made as well, which in my book deserves a huge applaud! I am making Aaron's costume this year, and that's a lot of work!

Second Place is Andrea from Renton, Washington. The thing I love about this costume is it's beauty and simplicity in making this "Lord of The Rings" elf princess. An old dress turned into something useful again, and the most cleaver part - Andrea used an old drop pendant necklace for her tiara. And, no, that is not a wig! Beautiful hair!! She fits the costume perfectly.

And, speaking of hair, here is our Third Place winners. Doug and Melissa from Bakersfield, California. That is all real hair there. Melissa had long enough hair to get into those wonderful "Leia Buns" and Doug forwent the haircut for a month to get his hair closer to the Han style. Most of their costumes were purchased, but true to Halloween creativity, were altered to fit and accessories had to be made.

Good job winners! Thanks to all who entered our first contest, it was a lot of fun seeing everyone's creativity! There are so many good ideas out there, I love it. I hope to see more of them next year.

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