Friday, October 14, 2011

Visit A Pioneer Cemetery

We have this little pioneer cemetery down the road from us that I have been wanting to visit for some time now. What better time than Halloween to pack up the troupes and visit an old time cemetery. Not only is is a cool place to be during the holiday season, it is also a great learning tool for the history of your area. And, you'll never guess what we found...... a baby monster!

There is just something about an old cemetery that draws me in. It has character and is so rich with history that I love to be there. There have been several times, when visiting a new state, that Aaron and I have wandered around these treasures. I am from the West Coast, so most of our cemetery's around here only date back to the 1800's: however, when we visit the East Coast it just amazes me how far back the dates on the headstones go (if you can even read them any  more). These are our founding fathers! The ones that shaped the land for us in a beginning of a new life.

We were wandering around an old Civil War cemetery while in Nashville a few years ago at dusk. Everyone knows that dusk is the best time for haunting a graveyard... pun ;o). We found this cool headstone that had been literally lifted up by the tree next to it. This was a small family plot of three graves, and at some point a family member thought it would be nice to plant a small tree next to their dearly departed. That small tree has now become quite large over the centuries and has grown around this headstone is bringing it right on up with it. Ah, the lessons in looking to the future abound here.

I know I teased you with this at the beginning of the post, so here it is: Baby Monster.

I find several things interesting about this little scenario. Where is mamma? Dad died a year after baby, so it's interesting that they  have the same gravestone and the most important question I have: If baby monster lived to be 3 months old why the heck didn't they name it? Boy? Girl? Did they just spend the 3 months it was alive calling it baby? I would love to learn more about this family. 

That is one thing you will notice about pioneer cemeteries, there are a lot of babies and children buried in them. Many, many children died in those early years. We came across on family plot that had mom and dad, a three month old, a six month old a one year old and a three year old. How tragic! I know that it was just a way of life back then, but holy cow! I don't think that made it any easier!!

The thing I just love about this head stone is that fact that Mary didn't just die, she was "Promoted". Interesting way to look at it.

Old pioneer cemeteries are so rich with history and heritage they are a great place to visit. I love the peaceful surroundings and enjoy speculating on the people buried there. It's a good thing to teach your kids as well. These were people just like us, with lives, hopes, dreams, families, and experiences. It's important to remember our ancestors and all they did for us. 
Next time you drive by one, check it out. You'll be amazed at what you find!

A breathing tube?


  1. Old cemeteries are the best! I totally LOL'd at Baby Monster!

  2. Love your "Maple Grove Cemetery" site Lisa!! I see you have been haunting the cemeteries as well, and I can say you guys have much more character in your old cemeteries than we do here on the West Coast. Our cemeteries are just too new - but still cool: they just draw me in. You got some amazing shots of some VERY original grave stones. Awesome.

  3. My photo of Baby Monster's stone found its way to a Facebook group, where it got 1100 Likes and 300 Shares. Problem is, it was borrowed uncredited from my Flickr stream (400 views). Good to see someone else has been to the Saar Family Cemetary!