Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween Care Package

Jess has been feeling a little homesick as of late. It's been 6 weeks since she started school, so it's definitely been the longest she has been away from home. We decided to all climb into the car on Saturday to pay her a visit (the advantages of only going to school two hours away). I couldn't go without taking her a little something, and one thing she said she was missing was all of my holiday festivities, so I made her a Halloween care package.

It was perfect and she loved it.

I started out by getting a fun Halloween bucket to put everything in, back with skeletons - to cute! That can be a little holiday bling in her dorm once all of the snacks are consumed. Snacks - yup, that's what I filled the bucket with - her favorite snacks: fish crackers and fruit snacks. As I was leaving the store I also saw some Halloween pop tarts... fun! Those had to go in too.

Of course, being who I am, I couldn't just stop there. I had to design fun Halloween labels for everything. It's so much more fun when you are eating Werewolf Entrails instead of just boring ol' fruit snacks!

Here's what I came up with:
The fish crackers went into a quart caning jar with this label on it:

Each one of the fruit snacks then had this:

and for the final touch, those fun pop tarts:

All lovingly placed into the bucket with a little tissue paper and - whala! - instant Halloween smiles for a homesick college girl.

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